Collection & Sorting Process

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  1. Collection and Transportation
    You may take your sorted paper to a local buy back center or we will collect recovered paper from your company.
  2. Weighing
    All materials collected or delivered must be weighed at our main sorting facility in Wadeville. All buy back centres have certified scales for weighing of paper.
  3. Sorting
    Successful recycling requires clean recovered paper, so you must keep your paper free from contaminants, such as food, plastic, metal and other trash. Contaminated paper which cannot be recycled must be landfilled. Recycling centres usually ask that you sort your paper by grade, or type. This web site can tell you how to sort paper for recycling.
  4. Bailing
    All sorted paper is then bailed and sorted for delivery to various mills where it would be made in to new products such as tissue paper or cardboard boxes.